As the latest creation from the Malibu Collision Repair Center team, Malibu Customz incorporates the skill and technology of Malibu Collision Repair Center and very latest automotive customizing technologies. Malibu Customz allows the Malibu team to push the limits of customization, using carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other advanced materials to create just about anything. With the best raw materials, a state-of-the-art facility, and immaculately finished products, Malibu Customz creates beautifully precise and custom hardware for show circuit cars, custom vehicles, vintage hot rods, or any other vehicle

We are on the pulse of the newest trends in the custom car world.

Quality Parts Fabricated In-House

With parts fabricated in-house in our Halls, TN shop, Malibu Customz can produce custom fiberglass parts for the inside of your sweet ride. From door panels to custom fiberglass speaker boxes, no one else can make these high-quality parts. In addition, you’ll find our fiberglass parts are made to fit just like the O.E.M. counterparts– another reason why customers continue to trust and choose Malibu Customz!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Using the newest technologies, new materials from distributors, and through work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Malibu Customz has done custom work for several major car manufactures and does prototype testing on new products for many different companies. With our experience using cutting-edge, carbon fiber composites and aluminum, as well as our desire to produce high-quality products, our certified team can create just about anything. Mold a body kit into a car or shave the whole car to get the smooth look of today’s show circuit demands– you name it, and Malibu Customz can turn your customization dreams into reality!

  • Customization for Show Circuit Cars

    When winning is everything and losing is not an option, Malibu Collision Repair Team and Malibu Customz is the clear choice to get you in the winners circle at the next car show! Our equipment and expertise is specialized to ensure your vehicle’s work stands out and lasts.

  • The Most Advanced Equipment

    Spraying Metal
    Spraying Metal

    If you have a show circuit car, we’d love to talk to you about our equipment that can perform specialized customization features. At Malibu Customz, we have the only metal sprayer in Knoxville, Tennessee (and possibly the Southeast) that sprays real metal. This means your door handles, and anything else that’s been shaved, are sprayed with real metal– not Bondo,® and you won’t have to come back six to eight months down the customizing show circuit with cracked door handles. Instead of visible, cracked door handles, you’ll have to get out your old photos to see where your door handles used to be!

  • No Job is Too Big or Too Small

    Whether you’re taking your car on the show circuit or not, our team is excited to work on your custom vehicle project. With Malibu Customz, no wish is too big or too small; we can fulfill and surpass your automotive dreams with skill and style. With Malibu Customz, we’re proud of our work, but we also ensure our work. We are certified with the paint manufactures to warranty our paint jobs, and we train and demonstrate new products to many major insurance companies, on-site. To see our work, check out the DIY and SPEED channels. We hope to add you to our Malibu Customz family!

Our Work